Maintenance Technology

Operating Specifications And Precautions

Operating Specifications and Precautions

Mixer Truck

1. The 7-party top does not need to be disassembled, and is directly shipped in standard containers, which saves installation time and improves the competitiveness of overseas products. The market share in Indonesia has reached more than 35%. 2. The installation accessories are all bolted, and the customer can complete the vehicle installation without any welding, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance. 3. The lightweight design is adopted, the body weight of the top is light, and the top loading weight of the 6-8 square lightweight mixer truck can be below 3000kg, which is at the leading level in the industry.

Dry Bulk Rigid Tanker

1. Vertical powder tank, 4-cone structure, pneumatic unloading, faster unloading speed and lower residual rate;
2. Modular design laser cutting and blanking, stronger interchangeability;
3. It can be installed in a 40-foot high container, which is convenient for export by sea.

Electric Van

Feature Description:
1. Super convenient: the charging interface can be connected to 220V slow charging and 380V fast charging to meet the diverse charging needs of users;
2. Super power saving: it can travel more than 3km per kWh under full load comprehensive conditions;
3. High cruising range: the cruising range under full load comprehensive conditions is more than 200km;
4. High efficiency: One charge can be used for one day, and there is no need to replenish electricity in the middle.

Vehicle Maintenance Technical Information

Vehicle Maintenance Technical Information

Van Semi-Trailer

Large volume and light weight
Using professional design software force analysis, optimize the box size, in line with GB1589 standard, the volume can reach 93 cubic meters
Structure designed with no-girder technology for lighter weight and more cargo capacity
Independent Modular Running Gear
Possess the world's No. 1 traveling mechanism technology, and adopts road condition simulation fatigue test design to reduce tire wear and replacement
The box body and the frame are independently modularized, and the whole vehicle is connected by bolts, which is easy to replace and has a higher utilization rate
Carefully selected materials
The box is made of proprietary B800NQ super-strong weathering steel with high strength and strong corrosion resistance
The first domestic use of log land

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