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Maintenance technology disclosure







Thank you for choosing the products of Shenzhen CIMC Special Purpose Vehicle.


We are not only delivering CIMC products, but more importantly, CIMC's philosophy: to do our best and to be perfect.


In order to meet the needs of transportation concrete for construction, highway and other projects, we independently designed and developed the CIMC brand concrete mixer truck. This model absorbs the advantages of the same type of products at home and abroad, and is carefully constructed using modern design methods and advanced production techniques.


The whole vehicle has reasonable structure, reliable hydraulic and transmission performance, simple operation and beautiful appearance. It also has the advantages of stable rotation and long working life. It can guarantee the quality of concrete whether it is used for concrete mixing or mixing transportation.


This manual focuses on the main structural features and performance of the series of concrete mixer trucks, as well as the methods of use and inspection and maintenance requirements. For the use and maintenance of the chassis part, please follow the manual of the corresponding chassis.




Vehicles must be safe to operate, and strictly abide by the national traffic laws and regulations, and be loaded and transported in strict accordance with national vehicle, road related regulations and design load requirements. It is strictly forbidden to transport goods by overload.


This user manual is specially prepared for the convenience of maintenance and maintenance work, ensuring that the vehicle is in good condition, ensuring safe transportation and prolonging the service life. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the contents of this manual before driving and using it, and operate, use, maintain and maintain the vehicle in strict accordance with its relevant regulations. Drivers and operators of vehicles must be trained in the relevant departments and have obtained the appropriate qualifications to drive or operate.




The illustrations in this manual only reflect the guidance of the operation, and do not represent the actual configuration and structure of the purchased vehicle. Please refer to the actual purchase of the vehicle.


CIMC follows the principle of continuous improvement and improvement of product performance, and it may be difficult to timely inform you of some improvements to the product.




CIMC adheres to the principle of customer first, please feel free to call our customer service number: 4000-800-122.

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