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Van Trailer


Van Trailer


Large volume, light weight

The use of professional design software force analysis, the size of the box to optimize, in line with GB1589 standard, the volume up to 93 cubic.

The use of no beam technology designed structure, lighter weight, can load more goods.


Independent modular running system

With the global sales of the first walking agency technology, using road simulation fatigue test design to reduce tire wear and tear replacement.

Box and frame independent modular design, vehicle bolts, easy to replace, the higher utilization.


Carefully selected materials

The box is made of proprietary B800NQ high weathering steel with high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

China 's first use of wood flooring, cooling effect, light weight, good anti - fatigue.


Dimensions: Length 13750 (mm) x Width 2550 (mm) x Height 4000 (mm)

Unit Size: Length 13460 (mm) x Width 2490 (mm) x Height 2780 (mm)

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