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[Recruitment] Skilled craftsman

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JobTitle:SkilledWelder JobType:Recruitment Recruitmentnumber:30 Gender:nolimit Workarea:Jiangmen Salaryrange:Negotiable Workingyears:nolimit Natureofwork:fulltime WorkDepartment:ProductionDepartment A

Job Title: Skilled Welder


Job Type: Recruitment


Recruitment number: 30


Gender: no limit


Work area: Jiangmen


Salary range: Negotiable


Working years: no limit


Nature of work: full time


Work Department: Production Department


Accept resume language: Chinese


Education requirements: secondary school and above


Age requirement: 20-45


Release date: 2018-09-10


Deadline: 2019-02-28


description of job:


                1, 20-45 years old, junior high school or above, skilled in argon arc welding, two welding operations; products need to be flaw detection, filming can be high rate of priority;


                2. Obey the work arrangement of the superiors, unite and advance, be able to work hard and be flexible;


                3. Familiar with the assembly process and welding specifications of relevant pressure vessels are preferred;


                4. Experience in welding stainless steel thick plates is preferred.






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