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CIMC Jiangmen vehicles participated in the 5th Annual Global Summit on Hazardous Chemicals Supply Chain Safety and won the atten

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----CIMCJiangmenvehiclesparticipatedinthe5thAnnualGlobalSummitonHazardousChemicalsSupplyChainSafetyandwontheattentionoftheindustry      FromMarch20thto22nd,the5thAnnualGlobalSummitonHazardousChemicals

---- CIMC Jiangmen vehicles participated in the 5th Annual Global Summit on Hazardous Chemicals Supply Chain Safety and won the attention of the industry



       From March 20th to 22nd, the 5th Annual Global Summit on Hazardous Chemicals Supply Chain Safety and the First “Mood Expo” were held in Shanghai. CIMC Vehicle (Jiangmen City) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiji Jiangmen Vehicle”) Ding Zhengxiang, the general manager, was invited to attend the meeting and gave a speech entitled “High-end chemical storage and transportation equipment to improve efficiency and ensure the safety of dangerous chemicals transportation”. He was highly praised by the guests.



       This industry event is centered on the theme of “People-oriented, creating a safe, efficient and sustainable supply chain for hazardous chemicals”. Many well-known domestic and foreign companies have participated in the project to improve the efficiency of safe transportation and logistics, and to create green, healthy and efficient. Sustainable development of hazardous chemicals supply chain. As a sponsor, CIMC Jiangmen vehicles exhibited a new concept of 46-party tanker at the meeting.



       At noon on March 21, Ding Zhengxiang, the general manager of CIMC Jiangmen Vehicle, and the guests visited the 46-party tanker. He pointed out that the design of the car was originally designed to “solve mechanics problems and solve the pain points in the industry”, from more scientific and safer. The three aspects of economics are introduced, and the advantages and highlights of the tank truck are introduced in detail.



       General Manager Ding Zhengxiang pointed out at the theme conference “In the new situation, focusing on the safety and environmental protection and risk control of the global hazardous chemical supply chain”, CIMC was founded in 1980, one of the earliest joint ventures after China’s reform and opening up. In the long history of promoting the health, safety and sustainable development of the modern economy, it has a strong sense of mission and responsibility.








       General Manager Ding Zhengxiang introduced the concept of “European Technology Made in China” to CIMC Jiangmen Vehicles, and cooperated with Belgian LAG to successfully develop and obtain a number of patented aluminum alloy liquid tank trucks. He said that "according to statistics, 34% of dangerous goods accidents occur in the transportation sector. We have mature technology in the three aspects of anti-tailing, anti-rollover and anti-leakage, which can significantly reduce further damage caused by traffic accidents." “In the era of intelligent big data, smart trailers have become a modern trend. The “Star Train Link” technology introduced by our company can meet the development needs. It monitors the data in real time and completes various analyses to ensure the safe operation of vehicles.








       With the development of economic globalization and the in-depth implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, while injecting new impetus into the current global economy, the exchanges between China and other countries around the world have become more frequent and the interests have become closer. At present, CIMC has 51,000 employees worldwide and its business scope extends to eight sectors of container, road transport, energy and chemical and food equipment, marine engineering, logistics services, airport equipment, finance and production development, providing more than 1,000 kinds of products to the global market. High-quality special vehicles promote China's move from a big transportation country to a powerful transportation country. As a member company of CIMC, CIMC Jiangmen vehicles will make their own achievements in road safety transportation, and submit a satisfactory answer for the country, society and users.