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       The company adheres to the philosophy of continuously creating new value for customers, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable equipment and timely and professional life-cycle services. Maximize the customer's individual needs, adhere to the innovation drive, and develop towards green low carbon and energy conservation. As a high-tech enterprise, it has more than 30 technicians, accounting for more than 10% of the total number of companies. The company comprehensively adopts solidworks 3D design for product development, and has more than 30 invention and utility model patents.




The company's concrete mixer trucks are not only sold in the nine provinces and one city in South China, but also exported to Australia, Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with China National Heavy Duty Truck and Guangzhou Automobile Hino. Deep cooperation with chassis suppliers such as United Heavy Truck and SAIC Hongyan has been using world-renowned reducers, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, which greatly improved the reliability and safety of the products and ensured high attendance. It is the only manufacturer that comprehensively masters the core production technology of high-strength wear-resistant steel, and has made the level of mixer products reach a new height and become the industry leader in the country and the world.




       The powder material transportation truck has many features such as the lightest weight in the industry, the lowest center of gravity of the vehicle, short wheelbase, fast unloading, few residuals, elegant appearance and so on. Through advanced 3D design and structural strength analysis, the use of high-strength alloy steel materials and lightweight suspension, the creative design of fluid-free bed structure, and the effective use of aerodynamics, the product has reached the highest level in the industry. Not only marketing in South China, but also exported to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, our company's powder tanker products have become the leading force in the industry.


       The liquid transport semi-trailer product is a typical representative of European technology, created in China. The products include aluminum alloy fuel transport vehicles, insulated food transport vehicles, asphalt transport vehicles and corrosive chemical transport vehicles. Aluminum alloy tanker products use a full set of European production processes and production equipment, which is a successful replication of European products in China. The product has passed the whole process experiment of a single vehicle vibration test machine in Asia, and the performance of the tested products has reached the leading level in the same industry. The products designed and produced by our company have the characteristics of lightest weight, lowest center of gravity, fast unloading, no residue, safe and reliable driving. Once the product is launched into the market, it has won the favor of customers.


       The company believes in the creation of sustainable value for the society, adheres to the core values ​​of customer first, integrity-based, and always strives to provide customers with professional transportation solutions, and strives to have stronger service capabilities than competitors, and is committed to creating for customers. More efficient, better quality and all-round service.


       In today's globally integrated economic wave, any isolated behavior can no longer be based on the world's forests. The company makes full use of the unique advantages of the group's globalization and forms a comprehensive cooperation between China and the United States and China-Europe interaction. Safety, green, intelligence and light weight represent the future development direction of CIMC Jiangmen vehicles. The standardization and modular advanced industrialization concept advocated by the company has given the products a new vitality. Technological innovations continue to bring about lower costs, improved quality and efficiency, and technological innovations, constantly moving around to meet the needs of customers, constantly developing new products and opening up new markets. The van and the mid-axle vehicle transporter have become new members of the company's products and will surely occupy a place in the market.


       All employees of CIMC Jiangmen Vehicle are holding a strong desire for future growth. They are gathering and exerting our strength and wisdom, actively exploring and adhering to the concept of “quality growth”, striving to become a leading company in the vehicle industry and will surely become A bright pearl in the vehicle industry.